13 Nike tennis shoes for women


What are the Factors to Be Considered When Buying Nike Tennis Shoes for Women?

A lot of factors need to take into account when looking for the best  Nike Tennis Shoes for Women at affordable rates. You need to consider the type of tennis court (hard, clay, or grass), comfortable, durability, stability, and traction when buying shoes to play tennis.

Upper Material for the Shoes

The material used for the upper part of the Nike Tennis Shoes for Women should be of lightweight and offer the necessary support. It should ensure breathability and durability as well. It keeps your feet cool for the entire tennis game. The upper part of the shoes can be leather, mesh, canvas, or a combination of these materials. The upper part made using a mesh provides extreme breathability whereas leather upper increases the durability of the shoes. However, you need to select the lightweight shoes to facilitate faster movement on the tennis court.

Sole and Midsole, vital aspects of a tennis shoe

You need to give importance to mid-sole or sole when deciding to buy Nike tennis shoes for women. The mid-sole of the shoes is important to offer comfort when playing tennis. The right level of cushioning in the midsole helps to absorb shock when volleying or serving. Support for the midsole area of the shoes is vital to provide excellent stability on a tennis court.

Ankle Support to Prevent Injuries

Shoes with the best ankle support prevent injury during play by providing excellent stability. An excellent grip is another factor when selecting Nike Tennis Shoes for Women. You need to find shoes that provide excellent traction to play tennis on grass courts.  It is necessary to select tennis shoes that offer durability, cushioning, bounce-back, and traction to play tennis on hard courts.

The Best  Nike Tennis Shoes for Women

Nike Air Zoom Vapor X White/ Grey Shoes for Females

The features of vapor X include a dynamic fit system and mesh upper for comfort and breathability. It has more responsive cushioning below the feet. It is of lightweight and provides excellent traction for a nice play on a grass court. It is also durable. These Nike Shoes for women are available in sizes ranging from 5 to 12.

Nike Court Lite Tennis Shoes for Women Tennis Players

Nike Court Lite Tennis Shoes are designed for novice players like you. It offers benefits like abrasion resistance and UV resistance. It features Phylon midsole for cushioning, and a light leather upper for comfort and breathability. It comes with a 2-year warranty to provide peace of mind when you play tennis. It is ideal for any type of tennis court. It is available in sizes ranging from UK 4.5 to UK 8. You can select the right size and place an order from the comfort of home using a credit or debit card.

Nike Flare 2 Tennis Shoes for Women

Women looking for stability, comfort, and stylish shoes can choose Nike Flare 2 Tennis shoes. It is a new launch from Nike. Its features include mesh upper for excellent breathability, foam midsole for cushioning, lightweight and excellent traction.

Women need to compare prices of good quality Nike tennis shoes at various online stores and place an order without compromising on quality to land on best deals.

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