5 Amazing Creative Things You Can Make Easy With Cardboard Boxes


There is no need to leave cardboard boxes lying carelessly around your home. You can reuse these boxes and make something that is exciting and fun with them. You can get creative and pursue this enjoyable task with your children or friend.  You may have many boxes lying around that were from things delivered to you or from things that you bought at a store. You do not have to throw these away immediately but can make something with them. Continue reading on to learn about five wonderful and creative things that can be made with a cardboard boxes.

  1. A Fun Cardboard Camper Playhouse

If your children like to play in a playhouse then you can consider making this playhouse from cardboard. Let your children imagine they are camping out in nature. Your children can have unlimited adventures within this little playhouse. To make this playhouse you will need cardboard, box cutter, some duct tape, paint, and a paintbrush. You can use corrugated cardboard boxes over here that are strong.

It can be made by breaking down two huge boxes then tape these along the seams so as to provide it with extra support. This will be your playhouse’s two long sides. You can cut another cardboard piece which is the length of the playhouse’s sides, for the top. You can bend or curl it giving the top a rounded look. Lay all these three pieces face down. Tape together along the edges upon the front as well as backsides. Flip it over allowing it to rest on top of some two chairs.

Then on both ends that are along the rounded top, you can cut five slits, particularly into the cardboard. Then overlap the pieces at every cut and tape this in place so as to make this rounded downwards. Cut pieces of cardboard that will be for the ends, tape these in place. They should be along the inside plus outside. Bend or curl the top area of the ends allowing them to fit up beneath the curved top. You can cut out some windows and a door. You can then paint this.

  1. A house for your cat

You may not have known this but you can make a pretty house for your cat with the help of boxes that are cardboard ones. Let your cat enjoy sitting in this house. A box can be used for the bottom area that can have a cut big enough for your cat to enter the house. You can attach another box on top of this giving the home a double story type of look. You can cut out some windows for air to go inside. Make a roof on top with cut cardboard pieces. If you want you can then paint this so that it looks attractive and matches with your interior.

  1. A play washing machine and dryer

If you have some cardboard boxes for storage that you no longer need you can use these to make a washing machine and dryer that your children can play with. For the washing machine, you can use some cardboard box that is of an appropriate size. Two boxes will be needed. You can simply cut an opening at the top of the box that will be the area to put the clothes in. You can place some old hamper inside this. Another box can be cut in an elongated rectangular piece that can be attached, for the dials area.

A dryer is not tough to make as well. With the help of a good sized cardboard box, you can cut out a circle in front for the door to put the clothes in. This should not be cut fully, enough should be left so that the door can be attached to the box and open and close. You can then draw on the different functions and other parts of the dryer.

  1. A fun maze

If you want your kids to enjoy their time during the holidays without getting bored, why not consider making them a fun maze with the help of some cardboard boxes. These boxes are often gotten when buying products or when something is delivered to your home. It is possible for them to be reused so that they do not be immediately thrown away and pollute the environment. If you have some lying around then enjoy making a maze that children can play in. It is not tough to make a maze like this and you can give your kids something to enjoy and spend their time doing instead of sitting on say an iPad or in front of the television.

You will need quite a few boxes for this maze. It depends on how big you want it to be. The top and bottom area of the boxes can be cut out. You can make entrances in the cardboard by cutting out enough space for your children to pass through. These boxes can then be attached together with the help of some strong tape. You can place this maze in your children’s playroom.

  1. A pretty box to store some of your valuable memories in

If you have some memories that you want to put in one place safely you can use a cardboard box to put these in. Instead of simply putting these into a plain cardboard box you can decorate the box in a fun and chic way. Memories may include photos, your old diaries, some pictures you made when you were a kid, etc. These things can be kept carefully if you regard them as being important to you.

You can get an appropriately sized cardboard box. It can be a cardboard box that has a lid which opens for instance. You can paint the outside. If you want you can cut out and paste some pictures on the box. Accessories like dried flowers, ribbons etc. can be pasted onto the box. You can add glitter. You have the choice to add anything you like to make it creative. The above are some things that can be made with a cardboard box. There are even many other exciting ideas that you can try out.

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