8 Cheapest Street Shopping Destinations in India

Street Shopping Destinations in India

Shopaholics Take Note: Here are 8 Cheapest Street Shopping Destinations in India!


Street Shopping Destinations in India

To truly enjoy a trip to this fantastic country, street shopping in India for tourists is a must! We’ve catalogued some of the best street shopping destinations in India which will exhilarate the penny-pincher in you. These are iconic, eccentric, and vibrant bazaars where you can buy pretty much anything and everything without breaking your wallet into two. So brush up on your bargaining skills and dive deep into the crowded, colourful, and chaotic street shopping destinations in India!

Best Street Shopping Places in India:

Even if you’re making an emergency work-trip on last minute flights, take a bit of time to explore some of the top street shopping destinations in India. Scroll down further to know what some of them are and find the cheapest market in India for you!

  1. Sarojini Market, Delhi

This is among the cheapest top 10 street shopping places in India. Lined with endless stalls, Sarojini Nagar is among the most famous streets of India for shopping. Although closed on Mondays, Sarojini market (or SN, as it is popularly called by Delhiites) offers endless shopping opportunities rest of the week. Whatever you’re buying – be it clothes, junk jewelry, footwear, or other things – it’s best to check more than a couple of shops before making the final purchase.

  1. Arpora Saturday Night Market, Goa

Among the top 10 cheapest markets in India, Arpora Saturday Night Market in Goa is a paradise for budget shoppers. One of the best street shopping destinations in India, this fantastic flea market allows shoppers to blissfully shop under bright lights while soothing acoustic live plays in the background. You can buy homemade Goan handicrafts here in addition to other items such as gipsy boxes, Indian accessories, leather products, and traditional ornaments. You see, there’s more to Goa than just beaches and cheap beer!

  1. Commercial Street, Bengaluru

This is among the most versatile of all street shopping destinations in India. While plenty of other things are available, this is considered by many to be the best clothing market in India. Professionally organized, Commercial Street offers the ultimate street shopping in India experience without the usual noise and hassle that comes with it. Depending on your bargaining powers, you can land some amazing branded apparel for incredibly cheap rates.

  1. Fashion Street, Mumbai

Mumbai is popularly considered by many to be the best shopping city in India. Exploring Fashion Street is how you do street shopping in Mumbai the right way. Prices are unbelievably cheap as the market is mostly visited by students. Expect to be hit with amazement as you come across a stunning collection of trendy clothes, fashionable footwear, stylish accessories, and a lot more! You’ll also find food options here if you wish to snack in between shopping sessions. Linking Road is a great place to shop as well.

  1. Laad Bazaar, Hyderabad

This is perhaps most colourful of all street shopping destinations in India. You will find the charming and elegant old street market of Laad Bazaar snugly tucked away in the Old City. It offers some amazing shopping ops and you will be able to buy at cheap prices some incredible valuables such as ‘khada dupattas,’ lacquer work bangles, naturally scented perfumes (or athar), glistening pearls, beautiful footwear, and host of other things.

  1. New Market, Kolkata

An incredible hub of more than 2,000 stalls, New Market in Kolkata is among the best street shopping places in India. Among the oldest street shopping destinations in India, New Market offers an assortment of options that include clothes, spices, accessories, handbags, confectionaries, footwear, and grocery products among other things. It’s the best place to buy famous Kolkata cotton sarees when visiting on business class flights. The market’s stunning historic architecture adds to its charm.

  1. Hazratganj Market, Lucknow

Lucknow is known to be home to some of the most colourful and vibrant bazaars in India. Right at the heart of Lucknow is Hazratganj, one of the top street shopping destinations in India. Popular items to shop for here include the typical Lucknow chikan-work materials and popular handloom items. There are plenty of food stalls around if you wish to take a break from shopping and grab a bite to eat. Rest a bit and then carry on with your shopping spree!

  1. Police Market, Shillong

This is among the top street shopping destinations in India’s northeast region. The massive market offers shopping attractions which include handicrafts and handmade artefacts by Meghalaya’s tribal people. Cane and bamboo artworks are a speciality of the region and must-buy items. Also, find an exquisite variety of cotton and silk clothes, stylish footwear, fancy bags, and several other things. But it’s not just one of the best street shopping places in India. With a horde of food stalls, it’s also a great place to sample the cuisine of Meghalaya.

These were just some of the countless amazing street shopping destinations in India. don’t forget to shop here. To enjoy your trip to its fullest, come and explore the best street shopping places in India!

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