Awesome Bridal Lehenga Hacks This Wedding Season

 It is the season of weddings and we all would want to rock in the perfect lehenga. But if you are the bride then it matters all the way more for you because you will have to find out ways to look stunning even in the chilling winter. Eating food cooked in ghee and still finding ways to stay slim is also a challenge. You also have to keep your make-up intact throughout the function. We cannot help you overcome all these challenges but we can definitely suggest some hacks for your bridal lehenga that can help you rock your wedding look: –

  • Darker the better – Not only will dark colors keep you warm this wedding season but will also make you look slim. They help create an illusion that will make you look lean and help you hide your plump Choose shades of black, blue or deep wine to give your body a toned look. Light pastel shades actually make your problem areas much prominent.

  • Choose the right fabric – Since you will have to survive the winter nights in your lehenga, make sure to choose thick fabrics that will help you comfortably last through the night. Fabrics like pashmina, thick cotton lehenga, khadi or silks are good to go. If they seem too expensive then velvet is always an option that will not go out of fashion anytime soon.
  • Be kind on the sleeves– Choose elbow length or full sleeve blouses. They will keep you warm and also make your arms look a lot leaner. You can always go for backless blouses instead of sleeveless ones to look sexy.

  • Capes – Capes and jackets over lehenga are so much in trend these days. Not only will they help you get rid of heavy dupattas but also make you warm and keep your lehenga light. Your lehenga will lose a lot of weight and you will feel free and also look slimmer. Try opting for a sequined overcoat with your blouse. However, do remember that anything that sits too heavily will make you look bulky, so choose wisely.
  • Dupattas – We would obviously suggest you not to keep a very heavy dupatta but they can help you resist the wind. These days the norm is to have two dupattas with the bridal lehenga, but several women have complained of suffering from a neck sprain when using heavy dupatta on their head for hours, so we suggest you to keep only one thick dupatta and wear it across your shoulders and use a light one for your head.

  • The footwear– Even though the feet are sometimes not visible in the lehenga and people tend to compromise on the footwear, we advise you against that. First of all, keeping your feet warm will help you in the weather and secondly comfortable shoes will make you move across the place freely. Instead of choosing heels and chappals, go for jutis as they will keep your feet covered and warm and add to your swag rather than reducing it.
  • Blouse or Skirt? – No, we are not asking you to choose what to wear. But if there is a choice between which one should be made to look heavier, always go with the blouse. Not only will it make you look prettier but also reduce the weight of the lehenga. So always choose a heavy blouse with your lehenga instead of heavy work on the

  • Embroidery – We understand that it is a must for a lehenga to have embroidery, but we also know that they add unnecessary weight to your lehenga. So, what you can do is, instead of going for a heavy stone or zardozi work on your cloth, try choosing a lighter embroidery like gotta patti and thread work.
  • Fluffy is in – We all want our lehengas to look fluffy. Buckram and can-can in several layers are responsible for giving your lehenga a fluffy look. They also are the major reason of increased weights in the lehenga. So, you can decide how many layers of it to add for an optimum weight and fluffiness in your lehenga.
  • Light Border vs. Heavy Border – Heavily bordered skirts are heavier and these borders tend to pull the skirt down. Also, the more the embellishments on your lehenga the more volume it will add and you will look bulkier. To look slim, you can go for a lehenga that has a light silk border which is comparatively thinner and looks just as classy.
  • Thread Tucks over Pins – Even though a lot of stylists prefer using pin, it makes your dress heavier and makes you uncomfortable. You wouldn’t want your lehenga to get torn due to these pins. So, we suggest you have simple thread tucks to keep your lehenga in place.

  • Self-Fabrics are in – We all want our lehenga to look heavy but we hate the weight and so these days you can have your lehenga made with self-fabrics like brocade, bandhej, leheriya and ombre which look really great and they will be light in weight but still have a lot of substance.

Choosing the right lehenga is not easy and especially if you are the bride, it will require tons of trials and fittings. We understand that you want your lehenga to be special but at the same time be problem free. That is the reason we have come up with these awesome wedding lehenga hacks this season that will help you not only beat the cold and look slimmer but also make your lehenga look classy without adding on anymore extra weights on it. Keep it simple and elegant so that you are comfortable and free. Have enough freedom to enjoy your special day to the fullest by dancing to your heart’s content and roaming around without tripping. We want you to enjoy your wedding day and not worry about your lehenga as we have already done that for you.

Just follow our hacks and we can ensure you that all your wedding attire issues will be handles in the best possible way without compromising with the looks.

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