Come to UnityG for the Best reliable Commercial Mortgage service in calgary

Looking to buy your first ever office or commercial property? Or maybe it is not your first one yet you want to buy it for business growth? Regardless of the reason behind the purchase, we are here to help you out. When you wish to buy a commercial property, UnityG is the best place to be at. We help you in getting fast and simple commercial mortgage services at reasonable rates.

We are trusted private lenders with years of experience and scores of satisfied customers, many of whom have become our repeat clients over the years. It is understood that even new companies in dire need of funds do not wish to take loans from anyone. This is done because it is through that taking loans is risky. The truth is that when the company giving you the loan is trustworthy, with years of experience and is of good repute, there is no risk to take. All that a customer needs to do from their end is to pay it back on time. It is that easy!

Now, at the UnityG, we have a proven track record of giving our professional services with integrity. When it comes to giving you fast and flexible commercial mortgages at superb rates, you know you can use the funds for anything you wish as long as it is paid back in time.

For instance, you may use this to buy raw land, for property development and construction, for buying apartment buildings, for mixed use, for buying industrial property and for any other use you want. Don’t give up if you did not get financing through the traditional ways. Their procedures may have been too strict.

When you take our services, you get these benefits:

1) Fast: Whenever you ask us for mortgage loans, you get it within 30 days at the most. Sometimes, it can take longer like 90 days if the fund desired is greater.
2) Flexible: All our services, including this one is flexible. We give you the best Flexible Commercial Mortgage Rates in Winnipeg.

Thus, if you are looking for the Best reliable Commercial Mortgage service in Calgary, come to UnityG.

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