Delectable Dishes to Ask from One of the Very Best Indian Wedding Caterers at Leicester

Indian Wedding Caterers Leicester

Being characteristically majestic, Indian weddings are something that truly deserves a special mention. The present trend is to replace the traditional dishes with experimental ones, such as the Oregano Paneer Tikka, or the Wasabi Aloo Tikki. Many Indian wedding caterers at Leicester and various other places around the globe are reinventing their menus with contemporary wedding food.

In essence, cooking is both an art and science as well, and the term molecular gastronomy is applicable to the latter case. It blends the founding principles of physics and chemistry for applying it to enhance the flavour and elevate the

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texture of the food. The end product is a fascinatingly different and evidently engaging dining experience. The expertise level for creating culinary masterpieces and signature dishes using the appropriate permutation and combination of these scientific procedures is not something that people witness every other day, which keeps on pushing the self-set limits of creativity further ahead.

Nonetheless, as most of the Indian guests still tend to prefer the foods that are prepared the typical way, today’s discussion will restrict itself to those traditional items only. Here is a well-researched list of top ten classic dishes that you can choose to be served at your wedding and without any worries at all.

  • Aloo Tikki

It is a famous street food in Delhi, the capital of India, and is also a popular choice at Indian weddings. This dish is necessarily a tasty mixture of pea patty and spiced potato prepared on a tawa, i.e., the Indian version of a flat cooking pan typically used in the western countries.

  • Paneer Tikka

It is one of the most appreciated vegetarian dishes, where soft and succulent cubes of Paneer (cottage cheese) marinated in spicy yoghurt and cooked in a tandoor.

  • Chicken Tikka

This dish is undoubtedly the most sought-after in the UK. It is pretty much a common practice for the Indian wedding caterers at Leicester and other places in the UK to prepare it at almost every event. After marinating for a whole day (twenty-four hours) in the choicest blend of freshly procured spices, the chicken is then placed in a tandoor for cooking.

  • Butter Chicken

The origin of the Butter Chicken can be traced back to the historic Moti Mahal at Delhi. Fresh butter and cream are added to complement the taste of this dish, which is one of the most popular food choices offered by the Indian wedding caterers at Leicester and various other locations around the world.

  • Lamb Rogan Josh

Originated at the heart of the world’s most beautiful place, Kashmir, this bright red curry is phenomenally popular in the UK, and is routinely prepared by the Indian wedding caterers at Leicester and elsewhere worldwide.

  • Daal Makhani

It was first prepared at the historic Bukhara at Delhi and was known as the Daal Bukhara. The creamy and rich texture of this dish has truly made it one of the most frequently suggested choices by the Indian wedding caterers at Leicester and elsewhere as well.

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