Factors Affecting Fashion Movement

Fashion designing is a field that includes a complete teamwork. In the designing process, every individual plays an efficient role in creating and running the fashion trends.

Starting from the designer to the stylist and the celebrities, every person plays a different role in inspiring and influencing the popular fashion.

Fashion is not about following any particular rules, but it is something that covers you with such creativity that makes your inner and outward look good.

Let’s focus on some of the points that influence fashion: –

  1. Forecasting fashion

The ingredients of any ready apparel are mainly the color and fabric. The fabric is the base on which the complete task of designing need to be carried on. The different colors play an important role in making the apparel look attractive and good.

Colour, fabric and the upcoming season are the ingredients that every designer focuses on for creating their designs. The designer beforehand prepares their designed apparel stocks to meet the seasonal demands as soon as it arrives.

The fashion forecasters add them with the knowledge from their textile designers, color experts, and marketers. They collect the related information and forward it to designers to create a trend report for the upcoming season.

It can be possible that in one season you may be watching the bold prints in cotton fabric and in the nesting season it may be the style of wearing plain synthetics.

The fashion designing institutes include in their course study the detailed study about the color world and textile theories.

  1. Celebrities

These celebrities always remained the biggest influencers in the fashion world. The celebrities and the designers are closely bonded. The celebrities have their designers to design the apparels for them to wear in live stage shows, fashion shows, events, movies, attending other celebrity’s functions, etc.

When the celebrity moves around wearing those outfits, it gets public attention and becomes popular.

The fashion designing students can get experienced by designing the unique attires for fashion shows or any such events.

The fashion designing colleges arrange their inter college fashion shows and avail the good scope for the aspirants to display their creative minds and great imaginative ideas.

  1. Movie and music

The entertainment world is the best platform to influence fashion. The movie stars and musicians attract the audiences and world people with their fashionable and designers wear and wearing style.

Either, it can be the black fitting sleeveless gown with the string of pearls or a royal blue sari with heavy embroidery work, anything that appeals to one’s eye heavily and emits a competitive look influences the fashion market, fashion world, and the fashion desiring people all around. All such styles wore by popular celebrities’ gains huge public attention. The other females donned such stylized wear in functions and other occasions.

Music artists are also popularized celebrities and have loads of fans. These musical artists are often spotted wearing jackets, fancy accessories, and dresses. People following them crazily copy their styles and influences directly or indirectly their fashion styles.

The aspirants of Indian fashion academy Nagpur also seen to collect the partial designing ideas from these popular musical artists’ dressings.

  1. Fashion stylists

Fashion keeps changing. It is said that fashion is a cycle that turns backs after an age in different ways. The fashion and the models wearing it changes, but the service of fashion stylists keep growing. These are the people who take responsibilities of the entire look of celebrities for any shows or beyond. Behind the appealing look of the celebrities and praised designer wear, there lies the hidden creativity of the stylists.

The stylists can visualize greatly and match which accessories can go better with particular attire.


Fashion will always stay in the air. It changes its color, designs, cuts, and fabrics, but the desire for fashion never fades.

Today’s generation is greatly influenced by fashion. Their ways of dressing are partially copied from celebrities and famous artists.

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