The Fascinating Story Behind the Craze about Authentic Indian Restaurants at Leicester

Authentic Indian restaurant Leicester

The curry restaurants, an umbrella term to denote the medium and also the top of the tier, Michelin-starred Indian restaurants, continue to grow domestically ever since the delectable Chicken Tikka Masala was officially acknowledged as UK’s national dish. This particular business sector proudly boasts more than ten-thousand restaurants and eighty-thousand workers with a turnover of three and a half billion Sterling Pounds per annum, fuelling the British economy with much enviable confidence.

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There are more Indian eateries in London alone than in Delhi and Mumbai together, and nearly forty-three millions of Chicken Tikka Masala are ordered every year in various restaurants across Britain. Authentic Indian restaurants can be easily spotted at Leicester and other places in the UK.

But it would be a gross mistake to quickly infer that it is just about food. The phenomenal popularity of the Indian cuisine is duly substantiated by the annual celebration of the National Curry Week as well as the hosting of the British Curry Awards held every year, which is more fondly known as the Curry Oscars, a phrase coined by the then British Prime Minister David Cameron. Recent market surveys suggest that authentic India restaurants and takeaway food joints are way more revered by the British population when compared to those who serve fast foods like pizzas and regular Chinese meals. It essentially gave way to the eventual introduction of a brand new category, namely, best restaurant for delivery and takeaway. It is no surprise why the authentic Indian restaurants at Leicester and elsewhere in the UK are frequently visited by the locals and the International visitors as well.

Besides the classic Chicken Tikka Masala, the irresistibly delicious Jalfrezi occupies the second rank, closely followed by other top contenders, such as Korma and Vindaloo (both appropriately tweaked to accommodate the idiosyncrasies of the British taste palate), Kebab, and lamb chops or shanks, to name a few. These dishes can be found at every authentic Indian restaurant at Leicester and other locations in the UK.

Unperturbed by all the uncertainty surrounding the BREXIT, approximately ten new restaurants happen to come up in the UK every year. Street-food-themed restaurants and banquet halls are emerging along with the fine-dining venues as well. The large pool of authentic Indian restaurants at Leicester and other parts in the UK are getting creative and innovative with the décor, flavours, and sub-cuisines. A few of them are modelled on the historic Irani-style cafes that can be seen in Mumbai, which have successfully set the right mood and the market-disruptive, eyeball-grabbing trend of stylized and improvised Indian street food.

The growing number of authentic Indian restaurants at Leicester and other areas in the UK does prove that the humble curry truly travelled a long way and won millions of hearts. What was once an ethnic dish in the subcontinent, has now found its way to the glamorous world of global cuisine, yet preserving its quintessentially Indian soul in the heart of the hearts.

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