Five Compelling Reasons to Install Auto Pool Covers

There are many benefits of installing auto pool covers, and if you are still clueless about why on Earth you should be seriously considering to install one, keep reading!

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A swimming pool is indeed an object of pride for the owner but requires one to spend a substantial amount in terms of money and time to maintain it properly. However, an automatic cover for your pool does reduce your maintenance outlay, decreases the use of pool chemicals, and provides the users with an additional layer of safety as well, particularly for the children.

  • Increases safety

Countries like the US has pool fencing ordinances in effect as drowning is the primary cause of accidental death for kids aged between one to five years. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC, USA) states that one-third of all the fatalities happened in homes and fifty-eight per cent accounted for deaths that occurred in in-ground pools.

Auto pool covers make the pools less appealing to the young children and discourage them to visit the swimming pools. Often, kids go to the pool not for swimming, but for retrieving a storybook, their favourite toys, or anything that they have left behind unmindfully.

  • Reduces water evaporation

Scientists in Arizona discovered that swimming pools constructed in the desert city of Phoenix lose the sheer volume of water that they have over a year. Though Arizona is among the driest US states, pool water readily evaporates in comparatively more humid areas depending on several factors, such as exposure to sunlight, wind speed, pool surface area, and also the temperature of the water. Auto pool covers do a great job in preventing evaporation of water, conserve the precious natural resources, and reduce your utility bills in the process.

  • Maintains the chemical balance of the pool


Sustaining the delicate chemical balance in your pool water prohibits microbial and bacterial growth. The pool chemicals, especially chlorine, tend to evaporate quicker in an uncovered swimming pool, and this, in turn, increases your maintenance overheads and the time taken for chemical treatment as well. The chemical load you use in your pool is affected by a number of things, such as, whether or not the water is acidic (pH factor), water hardness, and also its chlorine level. As the water starts to evaporate from your pool, there is a gradual increase in the hardness of the water, as the leftover water has elevated levels of minerals. And faster evaporation requires more monitoring and specific chemical treatment for restoring the original balance. Hence, auto pool covers are must-buy items for pool owners.

  • Keeps your pool cleaner

An automatic pool cover protects your pool from leaves and dust and prevents the insects from contaminating the water. The leaves and the dust can substantially increase your monthly pool maintenance costs, and especially the leaves are pretty much infamous for adding enough stress to the pool pump, or can reasonably extend its operating time.

A swimming pool that does not have any debris requires less amount of water circulation and filtration, and thus, bringing down your energy expenditure. Auto pool covers also do away with the periodic skimming of its surface for collecting midges, wasps, flies, and any other water bugs.

  • Prevents unauthorized use

Even a swimming pool that is secured with a fenced yard and a locked gate prove to be futile at times for keeping any interlopers at bay. Some canines, especially dogs that happen to be hungry or thirsty, are naturally attracted to the pool water and may also use it to cool off. People living in suburbs often tell of seeing wild animals in their pools during extreme drought or the scorching summers.

The homeowners have reported about witnessing several animals like the deer, wild cats, bears, alligators, and moose in their pools, posing a serious risk for the neighbours and the residents as well. If you suspect that any animal has contaminated your pool water, you are required to either drain all the water from your pool or get it tested for contaminants like E. coli or cryptosporidium, and chemically treat the water before using it.

Installing auto pool covers make the issues of fencing, setting up a gate, or expensive chemical treatment a moot point.

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