Five genius house cleaning secrets


House cleaning is always a clean freak’s most favorite yet most dreadful task. While these people absolutely love to get the house cleaned and tidy, at the same time it is a super time consuming process and could eat up hours of your entire day. Being a clean freak you always need to clean the nooks and corners of every part of the house and always feel the need to have a shiny and freshly smelling house.

However, it is not at all easy to make the house as clean as that until and unless you have cheap end of lease cleaning Melbourne. Otherwise, you must possess tons of energy and motivation to be able to do that. If you start with the cleaning process with not enough motivation you will never be able to complete it or you will complete it half-heartedly, skipping multiple spaces. Therefore having the motivation is extremely important to be able to finish off the cleaning process. There are tons of tips and tricks which help in fastening up the procedure and you could start using those while cleaning up your house to avoid wasting time that could easily be saved otherwise. Following are the five genius hacks for cleaning the house.

Disinfect the sponges in microwave

The sponges are used throughout the day for various cleaning purposes including dishes and other surfaces. These sponges contain tons of bacteria and is very unhygienic which we never realize thinking it to be clean due to the washing liquids used with it. To disinfect these sponges you can damp these sponges and keep them in the microwave for 90 seconds and 99% of the bacteria will be sucked out from them.

Clean the cutting boards with lemon

Lemon is an excellent cleaning product. It easily scrubs off dirt, grease and even cuts down on the smell. To clean the cutting boards you can simply rub a lemon on them and clean them easily without putting in too much physical effort for cleaning them. It will not only save your energy but also a lot of time considering how average cleaning would not satisfy you.

Use papers for mirror cleaning

Papers are an excellent cleaning material when it comes to mirrors. You can easily spray the mirror cleaning liquid and wipe it clean with any paper or newspaper to get a streak free shine. Using cloth to clean the mirrors is a bad idea and you do not want to waste that much of your time when you can clean them more perfectly with a paper.

Use vinegar for cleaning

Vinegar is another cleaning agent just like lemons. You can use vinegar added in warm water for maximum effect to clean the harsh and stubborn stains. Vinegar is also excellent to clean shower caps and give them a shining look.

Baking soda for freshness

Vacuum your mattress at least once a month to ensure least bacterial growth. Once you are done vacuuming sprinkle ample amount of baking soda on it freshen it up and avoid regrowth of bacteria for some time.

These five cleaning tips will help you to save your time while conducting an intense cleaning session.

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