What is So Great about the MoneyGram Service Offered by Canada Post in Petersfield?

Canada Post in Petersfield

Canada Post in Petersfield: MoneyGram is universally acknowledged as one of the top players in the arena of international money remittance. With a global network of three hundred and fifty thousand agents in two hundred countries, it caters to millions of customers worldwide.

MoneyGram Accepted Store: Petersfield General Store


  • Exchange rates of MoneyGram

The exchange rates of MoneyGram are updated many times a day and appropriately reflect the fluctuations in the global FOREX market. Its rates are typically better when compared to those offered by the large financial institutions and major banks.

The immense popularity of MoneyGram can be successfully attributed to the hassle-free service that it offers. You may buy your groceries from a convenience store and then ask the person sitting behind the computer terminal about the prevailing rates for that particular day. Such special convenience shops are called CPEP or Canada Post Expert Partner and are allowed to offer the services of Canada Post in Petersfield and other geographical locations worldwide.

  • Service charges of MoneyGram

There are certain factors that influence the service charges of MoneyGram being offered by Canada Post in Petersfield and elsewhere. The following factors summarized below should be taken into account before every financial transaction using MoneyGram.

  • How much money is being sent
  • Where the money is being remitted
  • Whether or not the transfer of funds  is being done in the same currency
  • Maximum transfer amount permitted by MoneyGram

The ceiling for Moneygram transfers that one can do with the help of Canada Post in Petersfield and various other places around the globe is variable and one should always remember to ask beforehand. For instance, it is capped at five thousand Sterling Pounds in the UK.

The ease of sending funds to two hundred countries and in just ten minutes has indeed helped the Moneygram network to grow phenomenally and rapidly. As mentioned a while ago, they have partnered with a number of convenience stores in many countries including Canada, and this easy accessibility has also helped the MoneyGram to increase their market outreach.

  • How to register and transfer the funds using MoneyGram

The Moneygram services provided by Canada Post in Petersfield and other places in the world requires the physical verification of the photo ID of the sender before initiating any money transfer. The authorized personnel will collect the entire amount in cash, including the MoneyGram service charges, and will hand over a form that should be filled completely and without any errors. Once the financial transaction has successfully completed, a reference ID will be generated and will be shared with the remitter. The beneficiary will be requiring this particular reference ID to access the transferred funds.

  • Key advantages of using MoneyGram
  • Blazing fast fund transfers
  • Hassle-free money remittance service
  • Strong and comprehensive global network

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