How to Make a Girl Say Yes in 5 Cool Ways


Asking a girl out and making her say yes is a valuable persuasion skill. But according to a clinical psychologist, Jephtha Tausig-Edwards, persuasion isn’t just a charismatic type since everyone can be better at it. To put simply, if other guys can ask women out all the time and reward themselves with a yes, then you’ll be just as lucky as they are. But you shouldn’t just depend on luck alone.

Women have their own individualities but do have a lot in common as well. On top of those similarities amongst women, the womanhood is not really complicated if you just try to examine her thoughts and emotions deeply. So, part of knowing how to charm a girl into liking you is to learn the things that make them say “yes”. And to master that, be sure to follow the dating tips below.

  1. The art of becoming more attractive

Every girl has her own checklist of qualifications when it comes to liking a guy. Though not everyone is always interested in looks, a study that is crafted from the 1990s dating game shows reveals that women would almost always pick the most appealing contestant. So it wasn’t the age, occupational prestige, or compatibility but it’s actually the physical attractiveness that most women always find in men.

How to look more attractive?    

Well-grooming and some good sense of fashion statement is the answer. The way you dress up tells a lot about your personality. So make sure to wear what’s in trend. Rely on the latest women’s magazine and check out what their male models are wearing. They’ll give you the ultimate urban clothing ideas that will get you a girl out on a date.

But that’s not all. Remember that it’s not just the fashion that makes you more attractive. You also have to consider body shaping, learning to smile attractively, practicing sexy eye contact, and cultivating a manly tone of voice.

2. Being yourself

The easiest way to feel more like yourself is NOT to impress or brag a girl too much with how your personal life is going. And do not pretend to be someone that you’re not just to make her interested in you, women generally hate that. Just be open with who you really are. Tell fun stories about your adventures, interests, and realistic goals in life. Have fun while being with her. Girls would appreciate knowing that you’re enjoying their company.   

3. Finding areas of compatibility

When a girl finds you attractive and honest and kind, she would definitely start thinking if you two could be a compatible item in the future. So your next agenda is to learn your common interests and find your areas of compatibility. If a girl finds out that you two may agree on the same interests and culture, she’ll likely to feel more comfortable and fine being with you. That’s why it’s always ideal to share your interests and ask what hers are or should I call it “the immortal getting to know stage”? Here are some of the common interests that you can bring up with her:

  • Personal Growth
  • Politics
  • Travel
  • Food
  • Health and Exercise
  • Family
  • Love
  • Theater/Film
  • School/Work

4. Using the right words to say

Asking a girl to be your date or girlfriend or wife or whatever is somehow a form of request. And language matters when it comes to making requests. When thinking of the right words to say, do not think about what you will gain from it. Most men usually mess up because they’re used to asking a girl for some selfish reasons, basically, they treat it like a basketball game that makes them feel like an MVP whenever they get a yes from all girls out there.

But dude, remember that girls can pick up that kind that of vibe and it’s a big turn-off. Instead of bragging and filling your own demands, ask a girl as a way to fill HER needs. Do it the way you want to give her the chance of finally having a guy who knows how to treat her right.  

5. Avoiding to give up.

What if she says no? What if the girl you’re into is not feeling the same way and is never interested in you? Simple answer: do not take things personally. Yes, you may get frustrated and upset but there’s actually no need to feel bad. You can move on and meet someone else. While many girls will turn you down, there’s still a possibility that among the billion population of women, there’s one person who will give you a yes and she’ll make it all worth it.

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