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If you are bored with writing multitudes of guest site posts only to have them rejected, featured low ranking websites, or simply not converting traffic in any way, then keep reading to learn how to create premium guest articles each moment!


Prior to beginning to craft your post, consider the website you’re posting on the first. Read other guest articles and determine what level of quality they are in and how they are formatted to glean a bit of knowledge on how yours ought to look (or how to stand out from the audience!). In addition, read some of the remarks on the blog itself and attempt to invent an idea of the audience you will be blogging for. Consider the articles that contain the most remarks and examine what they have in common. To create the most ROI in your blog post, it is very important that your post creates comments and makes a buzz on that particular blog.

Get Ideas

Once you have the go-ahead from a site to create a guest article, then you need to start generating ideas. While ensuring it is pertinent to your site you are developing a backlink for is vital, but you will need to make certain that the article isn’t only unique, but something that will definitely catch a reader’s interest. Find something shocking, humorous, not aware of, or perhaps contentious for your post and you may readily evoke a whole lot of responses from doing this.

If you are seeking ideas, consider checking news feeds like Google News, Yahoo! News, or perhaps contemplate Reddit. Typing in any subject will usually bring up any pertinent news associated with the topic and can definitely get your creative juices flowing.

Craft your post

Crafting your article should have a considerable amount of time. You need to ensure it is a proper length for the topic you picked which is critical. Rather than quickly running through and composing a post which meets a 350 term minimum, dismiss your word count. Instead just write everything related to your post and make sure it remains in a very large degree of quality since it not only will be certain that the webmaster accomplishes it, but you obtain a positive reader response

Keep it simple

In case you are not writing on almost any professional website that caters towards individuals with high levels of education, then you have to keep your words simple and easy to comprehend. Treat your readers as if they were fifth graders to make certain you don’t confuse some of them. If your readers can’t understand the words, then they will not see the post which translates to a potential customer lost


Instead of just having your link in the post, consider others, both inbound and outbound. Try linking to another page or so on the website (webmasters love this!), and also adding an extra outbound link so it does not look like you are solely shoving your backlink into your reader’s encounter. Interlinking is an awesome search engine optimization strategy that is a must for any blog so proves to be quite useful for guest blogging too. Make sure your links are helpful to the viewers and not merely for link construction and make certain that the links are 100% related to the content you have written.

Titles are critical

While some site rolls possess the full post, others just have a short excerpt along with the name displayed. It follows that you have got to catch a reader’s attention with a killer title. Tip at something awesome, scandalous, or interesting in your article. Furthermore, look at asking a query or perhaps doing a list of top items (i.e high ten notebooks in 2013). I recommend that you do some keyword research before coming with the post name, it will help to locate target keywords that have less competition so that you can easily get the article rank well in major search engines.

Bookmark the live URL of your new guest article – Once your guest post is still live, submit it on all the leading social bookmarking websites to help to get targeted visitors to it and get it indexed faster

Other common mistakes

  • Quantity over quality – If you churn out ten articles in twenty minutes for various blogs, then congratulations you aren’t only a speed writer, but you have probably wasted your precious time. It is highly doubtful that these posts will be intriguing, maintain a fantastic stream, or even have all the qualifications required to be taken on strict and high PR sites. Spend twenty minutes on a single post rather and reap the rewards from bagging a great backlink! If you don’t have enough opportunity to invest in an excellent blog article, consider hiring a content writing agency instead! If you’re satisfied is engaging, intriguing and solves an issue, it’s exceedingly likely individuals would like to link to it by themselves
  • Boring – whether it’s a dull title or subject, you are missing out on readers. Ensure it is snazzy and steal their focus! Use the keyword research you’ve done to locate realistic trouble in the niche and provide a good solution with a catchy name that just has to be clicked.
  • Low PR Websites – Concentrate your attention on sites that will turn out to be an important backlink source, not ones that are sketchy and low quality. If you’re having problems finding high PR sites accepting guest blog articles, then contemplate buying a guest post service from a trusted SEO company. Always check that the blog that you’re posting on has a Google Page Rank of one or more, has got good domain authority and doesn’t include duplicated content. This will make certain that the blog you are submitting is of a fantastic quality and is not likely to be penalized by Google later on


I still believe guest blogging is a superb strategy to reach targeted audiences when done correctly. The trick to some guest blogging campaign is the fact that it shouldn’t purely be done in order to construct backlinks, it ought to be done to supply users with solutions and beneficial content which drives them to click your links and thus you wind up getting more clients by the guest site. If you’re looking for someone to supply high Excellent guest blogs in your niche, I actually offer a service where I supply market sites, write quality articles on your behalf and submit it for approval to you

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