One Fascinating Story You Should Read before Having a Soft Ice-Cream near Winnipeg


The Britons know it as Mr Whippy. The local refer it by the name American ice cream in some places in Europe. Some regions of Vermont, a North-Eastern state in the continental US, are known to fondly call it as Creemee. However, wherever the humble soft ice-cream near Winnipeg (and elsewhere on planet Earth!) is enjoyed by the folks, there hardly exists any place where people can really afford not to appreciate its heavenly taste.

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A soft serve or a soft ice cream near Winnipeg (and other geographic locations) is essentially a classic sweet delectable that has been consumed since the 1940s. There are quite a few tall, competing claims who first came up with this particular treat, where the Dairy Queen family, Tom Carvel, and even names like Margaret Thatcher happen to occupy the long list of contenders. Surprise! Surprise!!

The University of Guelph cares to explain that when being in its purest state, a soft ice-cream near Winnipeg (and other places worldwide) is nothing but a regular ice cream at some particular point during the manufacturing cycle. Once all the required ingredients are blended together, some amount of water is frozen by the ice cream maker, and this machine also whips stream of air right into the frozen compound. A typical ice cream contains anything between thirty to sixty per cent air, and if you choose to draw the mixture into a cone, bingo! You get a soft serve. Pretty simple, huh?!!

On the contrary, if you put the mixture into the tub to freeze it, even more, it eventually becomes an ice cream. Hence, a soft ice-cream near Winnipeg and other places around the globe is necessarily a melted ice cream in a technical sense. In fact, Tom Carvel, one of the inventors of the soft serve, got the idea when he was compelled to sell the melting ice creams after his shipping truck broke down.

All the ice cream that you are to eat in your entire lifetime, guess what? Is technically foam! Fat globules (liquid fat particles) are made to fuse with the dough of sugar, water, air bubbles, and ice in a homogenous fashion. The air bubbles have a vital role to play to provide an ice cream with its characteristic texture.

The original soft-serve produced by Carvel was simply a softer, warmer derivative of his regular ice creams. However, modern soft serves purposefully contain even more air when compared to their frozen cousins. A soft ice-cream near Winnipeg and other places around the world has really got more foam!

One partially apocryphal tale about Margaret Thatcher, the then prime minister of the UK, politely suggests that when Margaret was a food chemist, she discovered how to add even more cold air to a soft serve.

If your ice cream contains less than thirty per cent air, then it is a regular one and not a soft serve Yet another remarkable between the two is that your regular ice cream is much more frozen in comparison with the soft serve.

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