Shaker Revolution – 3 reasons of Popularity of the Decadent Shaker Style Cabinetry

No matter if you are planning the design of your new kitchen or thinking of giving your old ones a fresh new retouch, it is obvious that you will be doing your research right now. And while doing so, you are surely thinking of the most trending styles that you can incorporate in your home décor. So, while doing that, have you come across the newest and the most popular style of all, the shaker style? If yes, then you are surely wondering how you can use it in your interior designing, right?

Shaker style cabinetry is currently in vogue. From different interior designing websites to glossy magazines, from being the favorite of the designers to the one that most of the homeowners love, shaker style cabinetry is ruling the scene now like the real champion. Now, you must be wondering how you can embrace this trend. Don’t worry. From kitchen cabinetry to bathroom vanity cabinets, you can use this style without any hesitation. Are you wondering how it has become so popular lately? Read the following points to know more.


Shaker style cabinets are extremely versatile in style and feel. No matter if the space you are decorating is traditional or modern, these cabinets will fit in perfectly with any theme. If you are thinking of decking up your kitchen in the white or neutral shade, the white shaker kitchen cabinets can beautifully complete and complement the look. In fact, if you are planning to change the look of the kitchen and choose a much modern theme, be rest assured, that the cabinets will be versatile enough to suit that décor style too.

Timeless and Durable

There are certain trends that come and go. But this is a trend that is timeless. Yes, the shaker style has been around for a long time now. And by the look of it and the current popularity, you can safely conclude that this trend will stay for coming years too. No matter how much time passes and your taste changes, shaker style cabinetry will stand through it all. Moreover, there are only a few designs that can make a fixture even look sturdy. Shaker style is a similarly solid looking cabinetry that will be surely durable enough to deal with any wear and tear for years as well as exposure to extreme heat or moisture.

Clean and Fresh

Your kitchen, as well as your bathroom, is the two places that you surely don’t want to be cluttered. And no matter what you do, if you are choosing the wrong cabinetry, it will only add up to the all cluttered look of the space. Hence, it is a better option if you are thinking of shaker style cabinetry. The lines that are used in the making of the cabinets are clean. Hence, they don’t make space look cluttered. Being extremely minimalistic in style, these cabinets are also known for their fresh look that is unmistakable.

So, now as you know about the reason for the popularity of the cabinets, what are you waiting for? Bring in the shaker style cabinetry and create an amazing style statement with your décor.

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