Terrific Eight Reasons Why You Should be Visiting a Coffee Shop near Winnipeg Beach

Coffee shop near Winnipeg beach

There are some really good reasons to have caffeine, and it is indeed a great idea to know them before visiting a coffee shop near Winnipeg beach and other places. Let us discuss them in brief.

  • Cut the Pain

The March 2007 issue published by the Journal of Pain (JOPA) states that two cups of your coffee can reduce muscle pain after a workout by up to a whopping 48%.

  • Boosts your fiber intake

According to the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry (JAFC), when it comes to dietary fiber intake, and which should ideally be in the range of 20 grams to 38 grams, as much as 1.8 grams are contributed by a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

  • Protects your liver against cirrhosis

The present research has shown the potential hepatoprotective properties of coffee. Also, another study indicated that both the caffeinated and the decaffeinated varieties can potentially lower the levels of liver enzymes, which was published by the Hepatology Journal.

  • Reduces the risk of type two diabetes

If you drink at least six cups of coffee on a daily basis, then you are less (22%) likely to suffer from diabetes. Research studies conducted by Dr. Frank Hu from the Harvard suggest that the odds of developing type two diabetes are reduced by 9% provided you drink at least one cup of caffeinated coffee every day. And when it comes to decaffeinated coffee, it reduces the risk by 6% for every cup that you consume.

  • Lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s

Recent scientific studies, published by the European Journal of Neurology (EJN) have demonstrated the potential of caffeine to fight against the dreaded Alzheimer’s.

  • Reduces depression and suicide risk

A ten-year long scientific study of eighty-six thousand female nurses indicated that the odds of committing suicide are apparently reduced in people who drink coffee. Another research done by the HSPH or Harvard School of Public Health revealed that women who consume at least four cups of coffee per day were less (20%) likely to develop issues of depression.

  • Protects against Parkinson’s

A group of Swedish researchers found that consuming coffee reduces the odds of developing Parkinson’s even in cases where genetic factors are involved.

  • Coffee drinkers tend to suffer less from heart diseases

An experiment conducted by a team of Korean scientists concluded that the study subjects who were made to consume coffee in the range of 3 to less than 6 cups per day, were found to be less likely to exhibit the initial symptoms of heart disease. Another study performed by the Brazilian researchers inferred that those who drink a minimum of 3 cups of coffee per day are less likely to have considerably less amount of calcification of their coronary arteries.

Now that you are well aware of some of the most significant benefits of drinking caffeine, get ready to enjoy a hot cuppa at a coffee shop near Winnipeg beach and other locations.

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