Top 10 Grammar Tips for Your Writing

Grammar Tips for Your Writing
Grammar Tips for Your Writing

No matter how good of a writer you are, impeccable grammar is a dire requirement. If you are not a native English speaker or you just do not possess a good reading habit, then you will end up making some seriously huge grammatical mistakes. You may dismiss them as trivial typos, but to your readers, they may reflect as your nonchalance or lack of knowledge of basic grammatical rules. Good grammar undoubtedly requires a stronger, academic foundation, but the following few tips can help you from making a few of the most embarrassing blunders.

  1. Smart Use of Commas

If you are going to write relatively longer sentences, then you must be well versed with the use of commas. It can be rather tricky when you put in a lot of thought into where to add them. But the good usage of commas allows you to add a more interesting twist to your writing, although subtly. It accounts for a dramatic pause or helps with emphasizing different ideas in your writing. Moreover, it provides your sentences with a more structured appearance.

  1. Break Your Content into Smaller Paragraphs and Sentences

Some students tend to be so engrossed in the idea of expressing themselves that they forget to break up long sentences. A sentence that carries on forever tends to be monotonous and the reader loses his interest. Keeping your sentences short gives your writing more clarity and proper structure. Moreover, it is an apt manner of communicating more effectively.

Next, you should be well aware of dividing your content, especially in dissertations, into compact paragraphs. This not only breaks up your writing into short chunks of easily digestible content; but also helps give the impression to the reader that you had a clear thought process while writing and have a well-defined format of writing. The easiest way of breaking down your body of content into paragraphs is by conveying every new idea in a new paragraph. If you are the sort of a person who is forgetful about dividing your content into paragraphs the former trick will significantly help you in your writing.

  1. Carefully Use Homophones

Homophones are words that sound similar but have different spellings. If you have mastered the English language, then the use of proper homophones should not confuse you. But for a vast majority of average writers and keyboard warriors, even the vast difference between “there, their and they’re” isn’t obvious. No wonder, when these students write their dissertations, they need to resort to cheap dissertation writing services. Since they lack the basic usage of common words.

  1. Be Consistent with the Use of Your Tenses

To have a more uniform style of writing, you must have a more consistent use of tenses. An avid reader may pick out the mixing of tenses within minutes of reading your dissertations of essays. Especially when it comes to narrating an event – mixing up the past and present, or even the more complicated past perfect and past participle tense, can make your writing very inconsistent.

  1. Proper Capitalization

You might disregard this as unimportant, but for someone who is very particular about impeccable grammar, this may come off as a grave mistake. Improper capitalization becomes especially unacceptable in headings where words “with,” “of” and “into” as well as all the articles should not have the initial letter in capitals.

  1. Proper Use of Grammatical Contractions

Whether you are typing fast or are simply unaware of the proper use of shortened words, it is always better to use the full forms – at least in formal documents. People tend to confused “should’ve” “could’ve” and “would’ve” as “should of” “would of” and “could of” which is entirely wrong. Moreover, the usage of “its” and “it’s” can also be a problem for a few writers with bad grammar. Thus, to be on the safe side, you must use the full form of these words wherever possible.

  1. Usage of Uncommon Punctuation Marks

Uncommon punctuation marks include the semi-colons and ellipsis. Avoid using them at all if you are not well aware of their usage. But if you do choose to use these uncommon punctuations in your writing, make sure that you are applying them at correct places.

  1. Proper Subject Usage with Verbs

If you are using more than one subject in a sentence, then the verb used with it should be in relation to the main subject. For example; “Becca, with her cats, is playing in the garden.” Hence, the main subject in the sentence is Becca, that is why the correct verb used is “is” instead of “are” – the latter would have been used if the cats were the main subject.

  1. Avoid Double Comparative Forms

A very common grammatical mistake that most non-native writers tend to make is that they use the comparative forms twice. For example, writing “more quicker” instead of just writing “quicker”. Most people tend to make this mistake while speaking as well, but it is absolutely wrong grammar. Students like these tend to BUY ESSAYS ONLINE more frequently than the rest. You may be an excellent narrator, but your storyline loses much of its charm if you make silly grammatical blunders like these.

  1. Use of Strong Adjectives

This can be used in two different contexts. Firstly, if you overuse the same adjective to describe something repeatedly, it gives a very monotonous tone to your writing. Moreover, if you use weaker adjectives like “very lazy” instead of better words like “lethargic” “fatigued” or “exhausted”, you tend to follow a very basic trend in your writing. That is, your writing may not appeal to most people.

Grammatical mistakes can be hard to detect through some systems especially if they have seemingly correct spelling and apparently make proper sense. But a knowledgeable professor may not take long to catch these trivial, yet basic grammatical blunders. And although, they might not have a massive impact on the content and research of your dissertation. They do end up creating a rather negative impression on your readers.


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