Ways to Improve your Google Ad Score

If you running or planning on to run Google ads then you must be also  familiar to the fact that Google gives scores better known as quality scores to the advertising campaigns. The quality score could break or make your campaign by either making it a success or fail it.

What is Google AdWords Quality Score?

It is basically when Google checks tshe quality, relevancy of your ad copy and analyses the performance and on the basis of which gives quality score.

Google Ad Score
Say Goodbye to Bad Google Ad Score

How good or bad is your quality score depends directly affects

  • The price that you will be charged for the action
  • The place that your ads will get on the SERPs

Millions of users/visitors on Google every second search for millions of things and when you as a seller target a particular audience by designing an ad campaign then it must be as such that your ad appears as a suggestion to a searcher looking for that particular thing. And, it is not that tricky as it sounds!

If keeping in mind the basic criteria you design a successful ad campaign then your quality score will be good then you will have to pay a really less amount for each click. So, be very sure of every minute detail that goes into making an ad campaign as if it won’t be relevant then you will have to pay Google a very high amount just to push your ad somewhere close to the other ads that are at the top.

How does the quality score help in ranking you above your competitors?

Make your ad relevant to the topic or according to what the users might be expecting and according to that only you will be rated. The points that you get on the basis of your ad will be in between 1 – 10, where 10 will be the highest score.

For an example, If your score is 8 and your competitors’ ad score is 9 then in that case your competitor will remain above and ahead of you in the SERPs.

The better ranking your ad has, more traffic it will get and the return on investment (ROI) would be higher. Better your quality score keeps getting will reduce the cost per lead. Good quality means you pay less for using more of your brains! Good Going.

So let us go through a few steps with the help of which you can work on getting your ad at the top of the search results!

  • Ad Relevance

First of all, the ad copy must be relevant and the content should just beat around the bush. Keep it shot, simple, to the point and persuasive. The more appropriates it is, more easily it will be found by the target audience. Do keep in mind to use the keywords appropriately and not just stuff them.

  • A good Landing page

Google sternly evaluates the landing pages taking in consideration how the experience of the end user would be. Therefore, the landing page must be intuitive, attractive, engaging must be properly optimized with the relevant content and rightly embedded keywords. Landing pages are always crawled by spiders so make sure that everything is perfectly managed.

  • Use Negative Keywords

These are the words which you will include in your ad will hold back your ad from showing up at the top of the search results. By using these negative keywords you can make sure that only the target audience gets too se your ads not anybody ellse.

  • Avoid the dynamic keyword insertion

If you use the exact keywords that you are targeting then it can cause blunder big time blunder. Not at all times though! As what people do is they end up making meaningless, irrelevant ad copies

Please note that although Dynamic Keyword Insertion or (DKI) works best when used with the right strategy and great copy but if it is done just for the sake of it then it could affect the quality score.

  • Use the text ads that are expanded

You must be thinking what advantage does the expanded text ads provide over the traditional ad copies?

Well, comparatively in these you can elongate the content in the ad copies which helps you to describe more about your product or service. You get the facility to add 50% more characters.

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If you wish to run campaigns with the longtail keywords then expanded text ads will help you in doing so. Not only will it increase the relevancy of the ad but also boost your quality score.

  • Create organized ad groups

Restructure your ad group make it tightly themed.

  • Avoid misspelling the keywords

You wouldn’t want to commit this silly mistake as it will ruin your ad campaign make your ad stumble down.

  • The historical performance of your account

Another important factor that is taken into consideration.

These easy tips and tricks can make your ad campaign a true success. Apart from this there are various other strategies that can push your brand; the other strategies could be organic too. But you need to analyze what all goes into making your website a true hit. For optimizing your website various guidelines have been laid by Google and to abide by them you too need to understand and know them first. SEO Site Checkup is an online tool with the help of which you can analyze the SEO issues. From understanding the SEO issues that are causing hindrance in the success of your website to tracking changes happening, checking what your competitors are doing to creating white label SEO reports you can do all the jobs here.

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