How the World of Technical Support is Evolving in Moncton and around the Globe

Technical Support Moncton


Whenever any new technology came up it has always left some amount of impact on every business sector, and since the dawn of human civilization, the humankind has witnessed this phenomenon a number of times. As technical support is a core function of internet technology as well as computer engineering and science, it is pretty much expected that any progress in the technical domain in the next few years will influence technical support to a great extent.

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To put things into perspective, the World Wide Web and mobile computing devices (MCDs) like smartphones, tablets, and laptops have now become an integral component of the daily routine of a vast majority of people. Every hour more than two-hundred and four million emails are transmitted, sixty-one thousand hours of movies or music are streamed online, twenty million views and three million Flickr uploads, one-hundred and thousand tweets, six million views, two-hundred and seventy-seven Facebook log-ins, and some two million Google search queries.

If the above figures are found to be true for just one odd hour, one can easily imagine what could happen in eight business-hours, and start to get the idea how much affected the technical support is for the commercial businesses in Moncton, Halifax, and other parts of the world.

There is no escape from the impending reality that more technical support is to be required once technology disruptions start to become commonplace.

As the gadgets start relying more on the information super-highway and become more complex, breakdowns are to occur more frequently, and an increasing number of organizations are to discover that actual outlay for in-house IT (information technology) maintenance is getting quite bigger than what is estimated. The practice of outsourcing technical support to an exclusive service provider is to become even more of a standard practice for the business houses in Moncton, Halifax, and other parts of the world because of their ever-shrinking operational budgets. Also, the end users are to demand round the clock global technical support throughout the year as the usage of MCDs is to increase steeply in the present decade.

  • Bigger data and bigger storage

By 2018, the pressing demand for big data analysis is to generate more than one million jobs, though barely a third is to get filled for want of relevant technical acumen and necessary domain knowledge. In essence; a whopping thirty to sixty percent CAGR (compounded annual growth rate) in big data is to depend on the business corporation; and it is to influence even small and medium-sized businesses as well as the technical audit, archive, and also recovery is to become increasingly challenging due to the sheer complexity involved in the processes. With this, the job of repairing, supervising, and/or maintaining several servers are to become a standard routine for third-party technical support service providers in Moncton, Halifax, and other geographic locations around the globe.

  • IoT

Internet of Things or IoT is the next big wave that is enabling a whole new generation of devices to talk with their counterparts. Armed with radio, GPS, and a myriad of nifty little yet surprisingly sophisticated electronic circuitry, these devices are capable of talking to each other electronically over the internet as each one of them will have a traceable IP (internet protocol) address. Street lights are to be networked and the forthcoming generation of vehicles is to be internet-enabled. Much to the surprise of the consumers, televisions, refrigerators, microwave ovens and washing machines are to engage in technical chatter among themselves! The ongoing developments in areas like image recognition, embedded sensors, near field communication (NFC), and augmented reality are to drive this field. At the end of the day; it necessarily translates to even more revenue growth as well as a substantial increase in the market outreach; but everything boils down to the pertinent issue of providing impeccable technical support to the tertiary beneficiaries, i.e., the product and/or the service buyers (and irrespective of wherever they may be at any given point of time,  be it Moncton, Halifax, or anywhere else on this planet); while every single bit is to add to the grand design and complexity of the IT paradigm.

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  • Smart home appliance frenzy

Easy-to-deploy point solutions for residences are to proliferate, with embedded OS (operating system), and locked down spaces are to blissfully add to this grand scale complexity as well! As virtualized appliances and homes are to become increasingly common, the market requirement for even more complex embedded software, security monitoring, and technical inventory monitoring are to witness a phenomenal surge in the present decade.

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